Motorgliders ultralight Piuma

Feather as synonym of light-ness, bird's wing and freedom on the sky, always man's dream.

The first project, sketchs and drawings was made during the year 1987, after the construction of the little ULM Howey biplane "WING DING II", simple in the construction and easy in the fly, but poor in the efficiency. 

The designer (technician and model aircraft motorglider builder for more than of 30 years), after the patient study of some “ aeronautical sacred texts as “Costruzioni Aeronautiche - Ing. Mario Ribaldone, L'Aliante of the great and unforgettable man Ing. Stelio Frati, Theory of the wing sections - Ira H. Abbot and Albert Dohenhoff and some other”, start the adventure with the structural calculations, the first sketchs and drawings and the construction of the Piuma, little one seat ULM motorglider, finished at the end of year 1989.

The Piuma Original first flew in 1990 and the prototype still flies about twice a month. At the moment - November 2017- it has 440 flight hours (190 with the new engine); the design has evolved and the current plans incorporate many improvements.

Some other little motorgliders was planned in the next years and a lot of builders start and finished the constructions, as it is possible to look from the builder's pages. New projects are in processing and “something” is under construction; I will put on the site the news: now I am ritired and (maybe) I could have some more time for my hobby.

Piuma models