Piuma Evolution

Basic peculiarities

The new Piuma Evolution is different from the Original Piuma in the following ways:
  • Fuselage shape: the cockpit is 1 inch wider. The rear portion is completely tapered and the lower side is rounded for a more attractive appearance and improved aerodynamics.
  • Geometry of the wing: the chord at root is 43.3 inches (the original is 47,2 inches) and the aspect ratio is 13/1 (original 11.2/1). Dihedral is 2° instead of 3° and the wing airfoil changes from 16% to 15% of maximum thickness.
  • Geometry of the tail and rudder: the tail and fin area now are smaller and slimmer; the tail is cantilever, with 2 little airfoil struts. The 8 steel cables in the Original Piuma were eliminated.
  • Wing struts: now the wing struts are smaller and they are aluminum-alloy airfoils.
  • Engine: the engine is partially hidden by the wings in the Original Piuma; now it is in the full airstream and it is possible to use the engine at full power for a longer time.
  • Nose wheel: now it is electrically retractable; it is also possible to build it fixed or steerable with fairings.
  • Main Landing gear: the stratified wood landing gear covered with epoxy glass (or epoxy carbon fiber) is much more aerodynamic.
  • Seat: it is shaped for a more recumbent position, proper for a glider. It is more comfortable and suitable for persons 6 feet tall (or little more).
  • Instrument panel: it is more like a glider panel.
  • Tail trim: it is electrical. The construction is clearly shown in the plans.
  • Spoilers: the controls and the actual spoilers have been improved and drawn full size.

The best L/D is now 20 and the normal cruise is about 72 MPH at 65% power with the Rotax 447, the more used in the construction.

Technical information

Wing span
Total wing area
Aspect ratio
Total tailplane area
Lever arm of tail plane
Length overall
Max height
Empty weight
Max take-off weight
Max wing loading
Recommended load factors (security coeff. 2)
Ultimate load factors
Max level speed
Normal cruising speed
Stalling speed
Never exceed speed
Best glide ratio (at 43 MPH)
Max climb rate at sea level
Min sink rate (at 39 MPH)
38.7 ft
114 sq.ft

15 sq.ft
10.8 ft
19.7 ft
5.3 ft
330 lb
530 lb
4.6 lb/sq.ft
+ 3.5 - 1.9
+ 7 - 3.8
72 MPH
62 MPH
35 MPH
84 MPH
330 ft
330 ft
460 ft/min
165 ft/min
25 HP

Construction plans

The Piuma Evolution construction plans are composed of 15 drawings with references in Italian and English and a handbook in Italian (35 pages) or English (25 pages). These books contain a lot of photos and sketches and the list of materials.

The tail boom is available is available from the designer: diameter 127mm - thickness 1.5mm - length 5,2m.

The material cost, without engine and instruments, is about 3500 euro, at the 2017 prices.

The time of construction is about 900 hours.