Piuma Tourer

This ultralight is the fast version of the Piuma Evolution. You can see the basic information about the fuselage and the tail on the pages of Piuma Evolution.

The "fast version" differs from the Piuma Evolution with less span and wing area and new, different airfoils for both the rectangular portion of the wing and for the tapered portion.

Changes in comparison with the Piuma Evolution are:
  • Wing airfoil: NACA 4415 (for the rectangular wing area); NACA 2R1-12 (for the tapered area - warping 3°)
  • Wing area: decreased from 114.1 sq. ft to 99 sq .ft (wing loading = 5.5 lb/sq. ft)
  • Wing span: decreased from 38.7 ft to 34.1 ft; the aspect ratio is 11.7
  • Tailplane balancing
  • Change the strut attachment point to the wing
  • Increase the spar thickness
  • Increase the max take-off weight to 550 lbs
  • Increase thickness of the hood by 1.5mm or stiffen by bending

The performances numbers are:
Max level speed (35 HP engine)
Normal cruising speed
Never exceed speed
Stalling speed
Max climb rate at sea level
Min sink rate (at 42 Mph)
Best glide ratio (47 Mph)
93 Mph
84 Mph (glide ratio 10)
100 Mph
39 Mph
1000 ft/min
235 ft/min
On request it is possible to use the 40 hp Rotax 447, increasing the maximum take-off weight to 660 lbs.

Construction plans

The plans are the same 15 drawings as the Piuma Evolution with the addition of one big sheet showing:
  • the 9 ribs full size
  • the new wing design with precise dimensions
  • the new wing spar
  • the tailplane balancing system

It also includes the construction handbook in Italian (35 pages) or in English (25 pages). The handbook contains many photos, sketches and the materials list, with sources.

The 6005-T16 aluminium alloy tail boom is available from the designer: diameter 127mm - thickness 1.5mm - length 5.2m.

The cost of the materials, without engine and instruments, is about 3500 euro, at the 2017 prices.

The construction time is about 900 hours.